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Complaints Procedure

This practice operates a complaints procedure as part of its dealing with patient’s complaints which complies with the HSC complaints procedure and in compliance with The Independent Healthcare Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2005 requirements.

Patients are asked that in the event of any complaint, to speak directly or write to the clinician concerned, or to Dr Orla McCormick. If a Denplan patient, you could use their complaints service . Patients who require further advice regarding the complaint process should direct their enquiry to her who, when applicable, may recommend the services of an independent advocate.

A copy of the complaints process is held within the waiting room.

If this is a complaint regarding NHS dental treatment and you are not happy with the practice response to your complaint, you can contact the HSCB Complaints Officer at:

Health & Social Care Board,
Complaints Office,
12-22 Linenhall Street,
HSC Board HQ,
BT2 8BS.

Telephone: 02895 363893

If you remain unhappy you can refer your complaint to the Northern Ireland Public Services Ombudsman (NIPSO):

Progressive House,
33-37 Wellington Place,
BT1 6HN.

Telephone: 0800 343424

NIPSO will look at your complaint and decide whether they should investigate it.


Complaints about private dental treatment, if not satisfied with the in-house process, should be referred to the Dental Complaints Service:

Dental Complaints Service,
Stephenson House,
2 Cherry Orchard Road,
CR0 6BA.

Telephone: 0208 253 0800

This procedure should be followed if you are complaining on behalf of someone else. The rules of medical confidentiality will be adhered to if the complaint is received on behalf of someone else. A note signed by the person concerned will be required, unless they are incapable (E.g. because of illness) of providing this to allow the complaint to be investigated.

The Regulation and Quality Improvement Authority (RQIA) is the independent body responsible for monitoring and inspecting the availability and quality of health and social care services in Norther Ireland and encouraging improvements in the quality of those services.

RQIA does not investigate complaints. However, through their regulatory activities, they have an important role in ensuring all regulated services have an effective complaint procedure, take complaint seriously and investigate complaint thoroughly, in line with DHSSPS guidelines.

9th Floor Riverside Tower,
5 Lanyon Place,

Telephone: 02895 361111


Orla McCormick

Practice Owner

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